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[Earth 2] And Around We Go || Chapter 2

Title: And Around We Go
Author: untapdtreasure
Rated: T
Spoilers: Brave New Pacifica
Summary: He stared into the fire, letting its flames consume him. Every time he touched her, as innocent as they may be, he found he almost couldn't stop.


"I believe that's what everyone calls kissing. You that far out of the game that you forgot what it's like, Adair?" His words held that teasing tone, but his lips pulled a satisfied smirk. He knew full well what she was asking, but for the first time since their paths had crossed, he found he didn't feel the need to rush to figure out just what the hell was going on between them. He felt alive, and he found that he liked that feeling. A little too much maybe, but he liked it all the same.

She closed her eyes, leaning heavily into him and whispered, "It's been so long." Her eyes fluttered a bit, but she kept them closed, breathing in the scent that was all his own. Her hand still lay against the back of his head as her lips and nose were nestled pleasantly against his neck. "Feels right..."

He relaxed as her words hit his ears. His hand moved up behind his head, taking her hands down from around his neck and untangled her fingers from his mess of curls. He squeezed them gently and kissed her knuckles as he shifted to meet her eyes. "So you don't wanna deck me for putting the moves on you?"

She shook her head as the blushed colored her cheeks a darker shade of red. "Hardly." Her thoughts had taken a turn for the more intimate. She lowered her head and leaned forward to kiss him again, chastely this time. She freed her hands and took his face gently. "But seriously, John. What are we doing?" She shifted, putting just a bit of distance between them, forcing them to talk and not just keep right on kissing.

He had to blink a few times, focusing on the words she was speaking instead of her lips. He cleared his throat then, raising his hand to take her wrist gently in his and then interlock their fingers. "Moving forward. Not fighting..." He felt the words die in his throat and he had to force the rest of them out. "Not fighting what we feel..." Because he knew she felt it. She couldn't have kissed him that way if she hadn't.

Her heart seemed to skip a beat that time. Her head felt fuzzy, and she was certain the world done started to spin faster and wildly off kilter. She swallowed back the lump in her throat and whsipered, "Just what is that you feel?"

His free hand came up, rubbing the top of his head before he gave her a sheepish sort of grin that he was all but famous for and gave a shrug. "My shifts over in" He glanced around, looking for Magus. She was going to relieve him. He relaxed as he saw her grabbing her mag-pro and heading in their direction. "Let's finish this somewhere a little more private?"

She stood then, untangling their fingers and other various limbs from one another. She still wore his coat around her shoulders and felt the blush on her cheeks rise once more to full heat. "Danziger, your coat..." She started to shrug out of it and give it back but his hand on her shoulder stopped her. She didn't want to have to explain anything to anyone. It was none of their business, but she was grateful that he let the garment stay where it was.

Magus moved toward them, giving them both a tired smile and a nod. "Something I need to know?" She'd never seen them both on duty together before. And Adair in Danziger's coat? That was new.

Danziger picked up the thermos and handed Magus a clean cup. "Nope. Should be enough in there for an hour or so." When she took it, he cleared his throat, offering to let Devon pass first.

She made her way back toward the bio-dome, toward where Uly lay sleeping only to have him catch her by the hip and give it a squeeze. "Can we talk before you head off to bed?" She glanced at him. She was afraid to sleep on this, afraid that once the daylight dawned that everything would have changed and regrets would creep up on him.

He opened the door to the dome for her, stepping in after her and catching her before she slipped into the larger compartment. He turned her slowly, the heat inside instantly engulfing them both and coats weren't needed or warranted any longer. He slid his jacket from her shoulders and tilted his head. "You sure you just want to talk?"

Being able to see him clearly just damn near had her running straight for her bunk to hide, but she held his gaze as she swallowed back a nervous lump in her throat. "Well..." she avoided his eyes then and gave a half grin and then nudged him slightly. "Danziger..." she warned.

"What did we just discuss? Can't tell you anything, huh?" He rolled his eyes as a tired smile moved across his lips. His hand moved under her chin, guiding her eyes back up so that he could finally see down into them.

She blushed again, closing her eyes and taking a shaky breath. She moved her hands to his hips. His body shifted closer, invading her space in an attempt to speed along her thought process. When he pressed her against the wall of the dome and kissed her again, she moved her arms around his neck.

His tongue plundered its way into her mouth to tease hers. He shifted, pressing fully against her. His hands moved up and under her coat and shirt, caressing her bare skin. When she shivered at his touch, he pulled back and looked down into her eyes once more. They were a beautiful dark blue. A shade he'd never seen on her before, and he licked his lips deliberately. "Devon..." he breathed.

Her fingers had curled into his hair and just before his mouth could descend onto hers once more, she spoke, "What was that?" She'd been certain she'd heard a sound from inside the dome's common room.

"Dad?" True's voice was sleep-filled. There was a hint of something else. Fear maybe. "Dad, is that you?" She was a little more awake now as she headed toward the bio-dome's only exist. "What's going on?"

John didn't have time to remove himself from Devon's embrace when his daughter swung wide the door and caught them almost nose to nose. He gently untangled himself from her, not wanting her to think that anything they were doing was wrong. He bent slowly, retrieving his jacket from where they had let it fall. "True-girl, what are you doing up? It's two in the morning..." He gave Devon an apologetic look and moved to his daughter and started to guide her back toward their sleeping quarters.

True's eyes were wide. She hadn't known what to make of the scene she'd just intruded upon, but she had a feeling that Devon and her Dad weren't arguing. At least, not this time. She let him lead her toward their quarters without a peep, but she had a lot of questions on the tip of her tongue as she kept glancing back over her shoulder at Devon who had now stepped into the common room as they were exiting it.

Devon suddenly felt cold. She'd been left all alone to deal with her feelings they were running rampant through her. And the questions wouldn't stop. She swallowed hard, moving into the common room. She had give up on any chance of sleep that night for so many reasons. She closed her eyes as she stood against the table and finally sat down, pulling the maps in front of her.

When all else failed, she would bury herself into her work and try not to let the events from moments before to distract her. It proved pointless. She spent the next half hour staring at the door that True and John had disappeared through.

Giving up, she pushed the maps and digipad from her immediate vicinity and let her head drop onto the arm she had laying on the table and let out a soft grunt of frustration. She'd known better than to let this happen.

Tags: & fanfiction, character: devon adair, character: john danziger, ff: and around we go, ship: devon & danziger, tv: earth 2
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